Preliminary Projector Results

Continuing from A Projector is Born

With a decent bulb in place and an appropriate reflector, I turned on the projector and LCD to see this:

First light with The Fifth Element

Lots of light leaks, a bit dim, perhaps, but a huge Milla Jovovich in crisp HD focus!

Some more pictures, including one for size reference (sorry didn’t have any bananas handy).

First light with Gladiator movie

First light with Team America World Police

Projector size reference

After fixing most of the light leaks:

Wayne's World after fixing light leaks

The Matrix after fixing light leaks

And of course, 100″+ diagonal video game goodness (Quake 3 Arena)! Unfortunately it was impossible to get a good photo, or I was too busy enjoying it to bother.

Quake 3 after fixing light leaks

I was pretty satisfied at this point, but I’d ordered some screen material samples to see if the brightness could be improved.

Continued at The Difference Material Makes.

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